Friday, April 27, 2012

Surgery pending ....

MRI results will give my surgeon an idea of what exactly needs to be done...or not done...or extent of what needs to be done.

I have met the requirements to have that he would recommend 2 months of solid near daily PT.  I've done a total of 10-12 weeks of PT in the last 18 months.  Meaning there is little to no chance of PT helping at this.point.  the only good is for maintaining movement and prevention of.frozen shoulder syndrome.  I'm 1/2 way to that point of having a frozen shoulder already.

I have discovered the hard way effexor is helping in a very small way.  However, bringing with it an entirely different set of issues.  And even though I'm back know the rx'd dose daily...and even though I have noticed s change somewhat has only taken the edge off in a small way.  Adding with it a.more agitated mindset.   Today, being the worst of the worst.

My dh is not doing well...physically or emotionally.   I have no clue what to say or do.  Unfortunately for him, he has to figure out the hard way.  He recently made a purchase that I was 100% against.   He did so with out my approval anyway.  I do not have any empathy. Yet, it effects me in a large way.  Getting mad and saying what I truly think and feel will not help.  Which leaves me trapped and even more agitated and angry.

I'm falling asleep writing thisn. Headed to bed fairly early.  Since it isn't even 5pm, I'm certain I will be up most of the usual.

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