Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Evening Babbling

I love this picture.  I love this quote.  Courage....doesn't always roar that is for sure.

I have a very long day of appts tmw.  In the mix of it all I'm trying to find some sort of something.  Life is happening and doing so at an ever increasing speed.  How I managed to get to the end of today w/o some sort of meltdown is a miracle.  When we got home this afternoon I found some quiet time in a hot bath.  Long enough to gather my thoughts, play a few rounds of Draw Something, and get back up again. 

Nearing the 2 week mark on this new medication.  I see my psychiatrist tmw afternoon.  Heart palpatations or high blood pressure - not sure which it is - still happening.  Damn is all I have to say about it.  The one positive note at this point is there has been on increase in suicidal ideation/thoughts, ect ect.  That being said....I'm still hopeful. 

**To the comment from yesterdays post:
THANKS!  I asked my dh about the PTA book. We had one from our last school.  He said he thought we had one and would try to look into it. If not he would find out from the school/teacher if there is something like that available.    As for myo-fascia release -- I will definately discuss it w/my chiropractor (his clinic is the only one covered w/in my insurance) and see who w/in his clinic(s) does something like this.  He doesn't do a ton of forceful adjustments and will often do more massage and stretching.  I will talk to him for suggestions and ideas.

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