Monday, April 16, 2012

Ray of Hope

I'm recovering from some much needed soul searching (insert 12 hours round trip in the car by myself), fill my heart and soul with tons of love and its finest ... weekend with my bestie! 

There is so much I want to write about.  So much that is just plain to close to my heart.   There was nothing pressing.   Just plain being PRESENT! 

On Saturday when I was struggling to not crawl out of my skin....she got it. We get each other.  On so many levels.

Before we knew it the time was 3am...Saturday night / Sunday morning. 

She cooked healthy vegan meals for me that I loved.  Inspired me to move forward and "Eat to Live".  I know realistically o am unable to do it 100%.  However, there will bee changes atleast...for me.
Tonight while at H.yvee my kids got a little excited as we looked at different foods. I will be making a list for my dh to get at the grocery store.  If anything...just for me.

It was the ray of hope I needed.  I've had a bit of withdrawal today.

My life has been forever changed ..for that I am thankful!

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