Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Silence the Mind

Silence the Mind....holy buckets is this ever true!!  My sgtruggles today are just that....the mind.  The constant chatter.  The constant negative whirlwind of activity. 

I could somewhat feel this coming on.  I hoped and prayed that this time would be different.  Oh my head did I ever.  Actually, I think I have wrote this before.  I know I've told J* this before. 

Last night as I sat in my dark living room; no tv, radio, noise of any kind.  No computer.  Nothing.  Just sitting in my husbands recliner....in complete silence and dark.  Trying hard to silence the whirlwind of thoughts. 

Earlier in evening before my night went from crap to shit in .02 seconds, I limit (more than I already have been) the blogs that I read.  I've had 2 separate blog posts today that just increased my 'you suck(ed) mindset'.  I try very hard to read w/an open mind, heart, and take little to no offense.  After reading the 2nd post...I have decided to scale way back for a few days.  Somehow, I need to find some balance and not add insult to injury.


GB's Mom said...

You do what you have to do. Be nice to my friend!

DMM said...

:( This is me shouting through your whirlwind:

I know most of that probably got a little lost in the wind, but I just wanted to say it anyway...