Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day....11 and Random Ramblings

I have upped the dose of this new medication. 
I have not taken it today.  It is still early.  I may take the original dose a bit later on the day.

Yesterday was bad in the realm of my blood pressure being high.  I'm not used to having this happen.  As I have stated before, generally it's on the low side.

PT for my shoulder was rough yesterday.  She is certain my shoulder is in the beginning stage of being frozen.  It wasn't on Wednesday.   The injection has not absorbed properly.   The PT got another PT to come in and check things out.  They were going to be contacting my drs office.  They did light massage and worked on reducing the swelling that she could see.  They also packed my entire shoulder with ice compress.  And told me I need to get in for a massage and come back on Monday for another round of what they did yesterday.

I have a full day of appts on Monday from 9-3.  Should be long day.

My son is struggling.  He wants other kids to play with.  I don't know how to fix that for him.  I've tried to encourage him to bring phone numbers of classmates home with no success.  Suggestions would be great.

My dh spoke to the clinical staff where both of our therapist work out of.  One of their receptionist called to see if I would like to speak to their oncall person yesterday.  I don't do phone calls with therapist unless it is my own.  I sure as he'll wouldn't talk to someone I don't know on the phone.  And it wasn't an emergency that on call staff had to call.  Ugh! !  I guess dh thought I was needing to speak to them. 

I googled our sons name a few weeks ago.  The one that we disrupted.  It was not a good idea.  He is tall...he is big.  Hey has several y.outube videos and it hurts my heart.

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schnitzelbank said...

Hi- delurking. For your frozen shoulder, find a non-force chiropractor or someone that does myo-fascia release. It's like massage, but very deep and focused on the scar tissue. It hurts, but it heals. It has changed my back and my life.
With your son- is there a parent email list? Maybe ask the PTA or his teacher if there is one, or if you can start one (is there a newsletter that goes home or a website for school news?). It's pretty easy to organize a database (excel spreadsheet) with kid's name, parent/guardian, grade, and parent's email or phone. We have one at my kid's school, volunteer-only, only emailed to participating parents. It's great to keep in touch and organize play.
Sending u warm wishes.