Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Note to Self

Light duty is easy work.  SURE!  Still means that the morons reside everywhere.  You can not tell others who work in this department regardless if they are a moron or not that they are indeed a moron.


In a rough spot today.  No particular reason.  Just am.  Patience is zilch.  Horrible nightmares last night.   So much so that I got out of bed on several occasions to make sure my children were still in their bed . 

I'm wearing jeans today that haven't fit in over a year.  That is abt the only positive so far today.

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Depressed Mormon Mommy said...

Do not underestimate the awesomeness of jeans that haven't fit in a year! That is pretty effing spectacular! But I feel you on the rough spot for no reason...and the zilch patience...I don't know what my deal is either