Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sometime Today

I will get out of bed....sometime. 
I know it is.nearly 10am.  Quite frankly I don't give a.Shit.
I made the mistake of talking to my mom last night about my appt.  I should have known better.  Her thoughts and comments were hurtful, as usual.
I've felt isolated and alone before.  This morning that reality shines even brighter as I think about moving forward. 
My best friend for the last 18 years and I, have slowly drifted apart.  I know it is in part because I have distanced myself from her.  She is filled with unending drama.  She had an affair with my BIL and continues to be good friends with his family. I don't live those values and so I get that I'm part this is my doing.
It doesn't change the fact that we are still close.  She called yesterday morning while I was on my way home from my Dr appt.  She had asked what I was doing and I told her.  It was once again a confirmation that I am on my own here in my world. 
My husband asks if I am not feeling well or if my shoulder is hurting.  I tell him the truth.   He has nothing to offer.  Nothing to say.  Not even as much as 'I'm sorry'.  As I type this out on my phone in bed...that last bit hurts.  Deep.  And ai cant stop the tears.  I want him to care.  To show me he cares.   He can't.  It isn't in his realm of conscious thinking. And after 18 years of marriage I should be know this.  I do know it. 
I know I'm not alone.  I know there are a few people who will read this and think otherwise.  I know who you are and I appreciate your random FB messages of support very early yesterday morning while I was sitting in the drs office.  And the phone call saying "how did it go?"  The distance between us is to much some days. And try as I might there is no changing it.
There was a nice break in this fucked up cycle of severe depression and suicidal ideation.  I should be thankful I guess. 

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