Friday, March 30, 2012

Jittery Jig..Random Rambling

Holy crap...I'm so jittery this morning.  I'm about to crawl out of my own skin.  Oyi! 

After falling asleep I was woke up shortly after by some loud noise, talking, and sirens.  Prayers going to the family who lost their home I'm an explosion last night near us.

I don't drink coffee.  I'm certain I know what "to much coffee" does to someone.  Crap.

My 12 yr old has her first appt with therapist today.  Glad I'm able take her.  Hope she isn't to stressed abt it.  Pray she can use this for her own well-being.

Spring break starts today.  I'm bummed we don't have plans for the kids.  Financially and work schedule didn't really provide for planning anything.  With me not working that doesn't help much either.  Plus I have physical therapy and Dr appt nearly every day next week.

Its a rainy dreary day here. 

My dd is having bunch of girls over for a sleep over.  Should be interesting!

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DMM said...

I've really missed your blog, and the fact that sometimes I swear we share the same brain. Glad that when I came back from my hiatus you were writing about that nasty jittery feeling that I am
<3 Hope you survived the sleepover!