Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh Sh!t

I have spent the last couple hours in a whirlwind of anxiety.  As the hustle and bustle of today has come to an mind begins to race.

I barely got out of bed this am.  I just wanted to lay and watch it rain out my bay window.  My dh and I decided to head out and about. 

Felt good to be out.  Pain was minimal in my shoulder.   My head hurt, though.

I received a phone call that changed the entire day.  It is/was a good one.   The long waited new psych appt....they had a 7am new patient spot....tmw!  I took the spot and my headache went from tolerable to nauseating to I came home and slept from about 1-5.  I would have been in bed longer but my son had a concert tonight and we were headed to a little diner for dinner. 

Since coming home and the kids are in is quiet.  And with that comes some big thoughts and feelings.

Finally found the intake paperwork.  And what should have been 10min took over 2 hours.

My previous experiences were not good...and...they have all came crashing back at me in a matter of several hours.

I'm ready to pull the blankets over my head and hope I am able to get up at the 530am alarm without to much turmoil.

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