Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Medication 101

It isn't for everyone.

It is something I need.  Contrary to what I want to believe.... I need it.  

This weekend amid the chaos of traveling I misplaced my medication.  Thinking I would certainly find it sooner than later.  I found it...late as in VERY VERY late Sunday night while packing to come home.  In my tablet carry case.  I not once opened or used my tablet so it didn't occur that I should look there.

By Sunday...day 3 w/o... I was feeling like I definitely needed them.  Put them in my bathroom bag which I planned on bringing with me home.  Instead put them in the stuff my friend was bringing home for me.

Four days sans medication....I know they are needed!!

Confirmation in a small way that they are helping in a small manner.  Even at a small dose.

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