Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day One...Long Day of travel.

Yesterday was a very long day. 

So worth it.  There is no better therapy than being with other people...momma...who get you, your struggle, your life!  Not just the attachment and trauma aspect but every aspect.

By the time m head hit the pillow at 1:25am...approximately 10-12 trauma mommas had spent several hours together.  It was great having s smaller group of mom's.  The intimacy of the smaller group, having each of mostly in different villas, and getting to know each other was awesome.

This morning the 3 amigos headed off to Ron Jon's Surf Shop and lunch.   Lunch was awesome...until I realized I was given regular soda and not diet. 

Now off to meet and great and hug and kiss some more mommas!!

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