Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gentle Reminders

Sitting in my car with music blaring is rather therapeutic.   It isn't considered the best option at times when I'm in the darkest of moments.   However, it is sometimes the best option.

I will often be early to appts and in turn sit in my car, PINK's F*cking Perfect,  Adele's 21 CD or Train (my new love) blaring.   It drowns out the background noise tht sometimes is to loud.

The last week I've spent many hours sitting in my car...trying to tune out the background noise. 

This afternoon my 10 yr old looked out into the garage and decided to come sit with me.

I was honest and told him (within his realm of knowledge)  why I was sitting in the car.

He responded " beats yelling at me or *.  And you aren't in bed"

Yes sweet boy....I hear you.   I'm soooo cotton picking sorry!!!

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