Saturday, December 8, 2012

You are Not Alone

We all have those people whom we need to refill our cup.  To give us that boost when we need it most.

Words could never describe how very therapeutic is to be surrounded by loved ones..dear friends who know your deepest secrets and heartaches.  Who you can let your guard down and know it is OK. 

These moms get me on all levels.  The good and bad.  I get them, accept them, and am able to just be while in their presence.

It is nearing midnight.   We are on a 5 hour road trip south to pick up another dear friend of ours.  Fellow trauma momma...and her dd.

We will turn back around and drive back to my BFF's house.. 5 hours.  And then on to our house another 5 hrs late morning or early evening.

This is the best medicine around.  Better than any antidepressants could ever do for me.

Few weeks ago Jodi told me she wanted me to do something for me.  It didn't have to be big and bold.  Having this tine with S..might seem to some as big and bold.   It isn't.  I need it!

This road trip we have laughed till we cried while I realized something that makes me want to cry.  (My baby is growing up)  We have ate crap food.  I spilled an entire box of Mike n Ike's on the floor.

And I am reminded tonight...

I Am Not Alone!

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