Thursday, December 6, 2012

Answered Prayers

Sometimes life throws curveballs we don't expect nor believe we can handle.

Fourteen years ago a beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed, curly head little 4 yr boy came into our lives.   He not only won over our hearts... by no true fault of his own...he broke our hearts immensely.  The grief, guilt,  and fear that followed had been at times more than I could handle.

For a few years his name was not mentioned in out home.  We didn't discuss anything.  And my grief and anger continued to boil within.

My heart has broken into a million pieces over and over.  As gained information about him.  I created a FB account in hopes of keeping tabs on him....fear he would know more about where we lived than we were  comfortable with him knowing.   I've kept in contact with his FM.  Out of fear he would move to the larger city where we live and I work it has been good go know where he has been. 

Sadly due to turn of events this week he was unable go keep himself and those around him safe.  There is good in that. I made a few anonymous phone calls this morning.   I want to believe they were a help in the judge sending him to the State Psych Hospital.   He was there almost 10 yrs ago to the day.  It is the ONLY place that we were able to get him help. 

I can hope and pray he gets the help he soooo desperately needs!

And I will sleep better knowing he is not going to show up at my door.  And most importantly he can get some help.

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