Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sinking. Endocrinology. MRI. Kisses. Barbies.

I'm sinking.  At a steady rate downward. Since I try to be honest and forthcoming....suicidal ideation has been strong.   And the energy it takes to ward these thoughts off is draining.  Work has helped some with keeping me preoccupied.   I'm not sleeping.   Herein lies the problem.

Endocrinology evaluation today went okay.  Reluctant to have hope finding answers.

I picked up MRI report and CD.  Googled dx.  Surgery is not the suggested course of treatment.  Rarely ever.  Unless all avenues have been attempted.  They have been attempted.  I've developed post cortisone issues.  Which tells me no more injections and they will no longer help.  Crap.

When I was 12 ...I was still playing with my barbies and cabbage patch doll.

My 12 yr old...well she's kissed her bf.  Who happens to be the first councilor in our wards 12 yr old.  I think duct tape is on the shopping list.

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GB's Mom said...

Take some of my energy!