Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rug Pulled Out from Under Me

At a loss to what to write.

I'm angry.
I'm very angry.
I'm depressed.
I'm very depressed.
I'm flabbergasted.
I'm very flabbergasted.

Once again the medical profession has proven that mental illness is a taboo subject.  And based on my mental health dx I am not a surgical candidate.   If...IF...this fucktard had left that piece out....it would have been a totally different outcome.  And I would not have a swollen face from crying non stop all day.

Its not a matter of "can't" continue on fighting these fucktard morons.  It is matter of.....I don't want to and I have no mother fucking fight left.  And so be it..let them win.

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schnitzelbank said...

Oh, I'm sorry this happened today. Can you get a second opinion?
Have you had a chance to see a non-force chiropractor or medical massage therapist or hands-on healer? How about acupuncture? I used to have a wonderful orthopedist, who was also trained in Eastern medicine. A great combination of both worlds. But hands down (no pun intended), the non-force chiro has been the best. Changed my life. I went through being in a constant "7" pain, to an occasional "2." Honestly. I started feeling relief after about three or four visits, and I see him only once or twice a month now. In total, it's taken me about a year. After 10 years of horrid pain, it's so much better. The "silence" in my body is so strange.
Wishing you well on your journey. You WILL find the right person to help you heal!! Please feel free to email me, if you want to talk about this!!