Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

For as long as I can remember all I ever wanted in life was to be a Mother.

Then 18+ yrs ago as a young, naive bride, I thought it would be indefinate that Motherhood would be around the corner.

And it wasn't.

And with each passing year it became harder and harder.

It is with great pain that Mother's Day became a day that I had no hopes or expectations.

Adopting a child who had been traumatized was the first of many years of heartache.  He mourned his bio Mother and Grandmother.  My dh was his first daddy and so Fathers Day was never an issue.

During the last 13 years of being a Mother there have been very few to celebrate.

The last time I had a visit with our adopted son was Mother's Day.  It became a trauma-versy for me.   Then the next 2 yrs were met with huge grief.  One of those years I had a lump in my breast found and removed.  Waiting for pathological testing was horrible.  Mixed with the impending death of my beloved Grandmother.  She stuck that Mothers Day out.  Against all odds. 

The last few years I havd tried hard to soak in my 2 children for all they are all the time.  But specially on Mother's Day.


Has been no different.

They are the reason I get up every day!
They are the wind behind my sail!

I'm blessed to he their Mother!!

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GB's Mom said...

You are blessed.