Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Answer to Questions from Comment

I can't email you back bc I don't have your email.  Please feel free to leave a comment w/your name-email and I will email you back.  I will NOT post the comment.  All comments are moderated bc of personal information. 


I've looked into hands on healers.  My insurance and wc insurer will not pay for it.  As long as I'm not getting paid my full wage, I'm unable to afford to move fwd with that.

I currently see a massage therapist that works from an energy/natural aspect.  I would have gotten a doctors order for more visits to be covered from her or someone else, but the dr proved to be a true asshat and so I asked him nothing bc I just needed to get out of there. 

I DO HAVE A 2nd OPINION next Monday.  I will be seeing an independent surgeon at a private clinic.  The surgeon that I was orgininally calling to see couldn't see me for a month.  His collegue and best friend could see me asap.  he comes highly reccomended from all areas that I can tell.  I spoke to his nurse/receptionist again today who made me feel like I was truly a patient and NOT a number.  That my needs were important."  I asked if I should drop off the 2 MRI reports and dvd/disk prior to my appt next week bc I had them in my hand.  She said "WOW...already." I replied "Sweetheart, I had them in my hand w/in 2 hrs of leaving the surgeon I saw yesterday."  She replied:  "Bringing them in early will not be beneficial. He will not look at them before your appt.  He will look at them WITH YOU.  He will treat you AS HIS patient and will explain everything to have nothing to worry about.  He will take a great deal of time w/you and answer any questions you have."  I hung up and cried.  His nurse/receptionist...she cared.  I'm not a number..I'm a patient whom he will treat me as just that...his patient.

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