Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How Can I Get Off The Escalator?

This is/was the topic in the group I am attending.  Because it was such a hot topic last week, the facilitators decided to extend it a week.  Which is good, I guess, for me bc last week I did not go to the group.  I could not bare the thought of going, let alone leaving the house.

The first page of the handout diagrams "why do i keep....."
Cutting, drinking, yelling, ect.

Goes on to say for every BEHAVIOR their equals a REWARD.

You get paid.
You get flowers and veggies.
You have panic get attention n compassion.
You get physical/emotional relief.

And the list goes on and on.

For every temporary reward there is a long-term cost/danger.

I, for one, can understand and relate with this aspect.

I, don't fully agree, with the first part of this.

Sure, I have my outbursts and say things I regret. Sure, that brings with it, attention.

However, more and more....I AM the ONLY person that knows...

*I am having full blown panic attack
*I am in a really ROUGH patch.

I am struggling with the homework portion of this weeks assignment.

Naming a emotion/thought and listing the behavior...then the reward for that behavior and the how the behavior might bee repeated.

I am sure those around me may be able to figure this out.  I,  not so much.

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