Friday, June 17, 2011

Raw and Choppy

There is no other way to describe it.

Simple Raw.
Simple Choppy.

Yesterday was a rather emotional day.  I had scheduled a  Dr appointments and a therapy appt.  Followed by a massage at the end of the 2 appts.  Then a date night at a very nice restraunt we had a gift certificate for.  Things didn't go as planned.  I left the first appt w/o receiving the treatment.  Then off to the other 2 appts.  I struggled to slow down my thoughts and emotions in order to get the most out of my massage.  From there I had to return to the clinic.  I left OVER 3 hrs later.

While there my aunt called.  She doesn't know how much her call meant. Soon as she said hi I burst into tears. 

The course of treatment is up in the air.  The nursing staff suggest hospitalization for 24-48 hrs or a picc line.

Ive got some thoughts swirling around re the new massage therapist i am seeing.  Again.....very raw!!  My therapist mentioned she could be intense. Ive kind of felt it.  Just not to the extent as i did yesterday.  VERY INTENSE. I'm not sure how to process some of the emotions and triggers.  A very different experience than ive had with other massages.

My hand (due to the treatment) is very swollen and bruised.  And typing is bothering me. 

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Melissa said...

Oh so sorry!! I have had nurses suggest I get a pict line because my veins are bad so I have an idea of what that is.