Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One Mindful Activity

Homework Assignment:

Notice once each day what you are doing in that moment.....being mindful of what is around you...

Today...I had several moments where I tried very hard to be mindful of what was going on at that exact moment and where the thoughts/feelings were coming from.  The smells, the lighting, touch, breathing, ect ect.

This morning as I was working.  Trying very hard to not miss my turns.  Keep my thoughts on my work.  Not missing a turn.  Where the sun was at on the horizon.

This afternoon as I sat in a specialists office.  My blood pressure was 133/98.  High for me.  Normal is 100/70 ish.  Trying to slow my breathing.  Trying to recognize and be mindful of the anxiety associated with this particular appt and how I got there.  Not only listening to the words coming out of this drs mouths but watching her lips.  Every.last.word. 

Every.last.word.  And the treatment option, not the worst, not the best.  Is there really a best?  Hell to the No!

Then following that appt I had a massage scheduled.  I've found a new massage therapist.  Amazing.  I was rather early to this appointment.  So for 45 minutes I sat back in my car, proccessed what just took place at my dr appt, with F*cking Perfect by Pink blaring on repeat.  45 minutes of F*cking Perfect repeat.  At one point I became a tad parnoid the neighbors might get upset and so I turned the radio down. 

90 minute massage where I tried for every single minute to be in the moment...to gain as much relaxation and benefit as I could.  There were several moments where I found myself checking out.

And in some cases checking out during a massage can be beneficial I'm sure.  Checking out for me, in my current frame so to speak....is not really a good idea. 

I'm exhausted!

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