Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pressure points

Earlier this week after a Dr. Appt i had, I scheduled a massage.  I spent nearly 45 min in the car before trying to soak in the appt i had just had.  Blaring Pink's F*cking  Perfect on repeat.

The music change from Pink to soft massage therapy music.  But one thing you should know abt me is...i find comfort in both types of music.  H* the massage therapist, mentioned she has clients whom she plays music such as Pink
  It is a very different but energizing type of massage.  Interesting to me...I may have to check it out sometime.


A few times during my massage there were moments were I found 100% relief from every thing.  A release that ive not had in a VERY long time.  It is really hard to explain with out thinking I'm completely crazy.  When i saw this gal a few weeks earlier there were a few moments the same but nit as intense.  I would have to say maybe its because i was in a tad better place. 

I emailed someone last night as insomnia has taken up residence ...hate it.  She responded today with her holistic and professional would maybe appear that these moments were I'm finding complete relief and also seem to check out ...are when the massage therapist works in areas of pressure points.  This would make sense.  Specially in my feet.  I hate my feet being touched.  BUT....IM TRYING SOMEONE NEW...and I WANF TO try and get the best experience and benefit i can with her.  So ive not said anything. 

I'm trying very hard to stay above water.  Today is not one that ive been able to accomplish much in that direction.  I came home from work and have been in bed since.

Its dark in my room...and...that is comforting at the moment.

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