Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's Going To Be Alright

It's gonna be alright!!

A few months ago, Corey sent this to me or posted it on her blog. I can't remember. I'm thinking she posted it. Regardless, it spoke volumes to my heart. Over the last few months I've brought it back up on Y.outube and listened to it again....and again....and again!!

I don't know when or how it will be alright. I don't know that it is even for me to know. I've had many hard weeks over the last several months. I know deep down in my heart where most of that struggle has come from.

It isn't an easy fix. The whole is deep.

I had a few hours to myself today. Where I wasn't laying in bed.....or....working. I went to myself. And spent 3 hours round trip in the car with me, myself, and I. During about an hour of that time I was able to toalk to one of the other lovely ladies....Soul Sisters....who was in Orlando this year. What a blessing in disguise it was.

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