Sunday, June 5, 2011

PTSD giant donkey balls!!!

This weekend has been way to short.  And way to long.

Really not one to say "oh yeah...this is all related to PTSD....and that is why x.y.z are ramping up with in my head, sleep, response to x.y.z...blah blah blah".

I will, however, say that at tis very moment.  As in this very has been a day filled with significant ups and downs.

Because, I've blogged a tad about this before elsewhere and I care to keep this particular blog somewhat private....I will not state what happened.  IDK...maybe I could/should and it wouldnt' make to shits bit of different if I did.  Regadless, tonight is a rather tense evening in my home. 

Proccessing some of todays events will be forthcoming for many months/days/weeks I'm sure.  I can only hope and pray it will not bring a divide with in my marriage.  I've tried very hard to be sympathetic, loving, and open with the situation at hand.  At the same time, I can't always keep my snarky self, quiet.

I've been told by others a few different times that I would benefit from EMDR.  I don't believe (nor do I care to even find out) if my current therapist is experienced in this type of therapy.  It just is not something that has been on the top of my "you really need to do this bc it is awesome list". 

Picking up the pieces for sure.....and there will be and are....lots of pieces..broken pieces.

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