Monday, June 6, 2011

Comfort Zone

Today I went out of my comfort zone.

Few months ago, my therapist discussed a new group a few of her co-workers were offering.  It is one that my doctor has suggested for me several times.  Because of insurances issues there was never one in our city or area that would be offered under our plan.  Well, that has changed.

The logical part of my brain and self says "hey you need to do this and so do it and shut the hell up".  So I am.

That doesn't make it any easier.  It might seem that I was somewhat eager to try this out.  I did contact 2 gals who are leading this group immediately.  However, I knew if I didn't do it as in...the VERY day (right after I left) my therapists office...I wouldn't do it. At all. Ever. And then we would continue the 'this is a good idea debate...".

Today was my first attempt at going.
Today may be the last attempt at going.

There is a work issue and because I'm adamant that my work not know about the group and/or why I'm requesting off every single week for the next several months at the exact same time.....I need to find a way that will offer me the confidential aspect of going vs needing a work note.

This small piece of the puzzle could very well be the reason why...I don't return.   Because, in reality.....the work portion has/is causing me a great deal of stress.

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