Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pick Me Up

This weekend I have been blessed beyond measure to have one of my best friends travel 6 hours and cross into 2 separate states to come visit me.

 I've blogged before about this beautiful friendship that has transpired over the last year.
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During a deep bought of depression that was brought on by a bad side effect from medication last November I made a trip to see S* -- True Friendship

I'm so incredible blessed.  Words can't describe what a wonderful pick-me-up it has been for me to have her here.  She baked my son his birthday cake - a Rainbow Cake.  She will finish it today for me.  My husband had to be gone and help his brother move yesterday morning. She helped me get ready, took my daughter and I into town to meet up w/my mom since I can't drive.  She has spoiled me beyond belief.  She washed my dishes and cleaned my kitchen so my daughter didn't have to do it on her birthday.  She took pictures of my daughter as we walked into our house for a "Surprise 13th Birthday Party".    And SOO many other things.  

Loving on my children and I has been such a blessing.  I needed this pick me up.  It is taking every ounce of my energy to stay above water.  To not let the pain, the pain meds, and just the 'overall' recovery post op pull me down even further.  I've had some pretty tough and emotional days the last 10 days since my surgery.  Tuesday of this last week was a really rough day.  I cried non-stop all day. There was no hiding it from my husband or children.  It was just an overall bad day in which giving up was not far from my thoughts on several different occasions.  When she called late afternoon asking if I would want her and her littles to come for a visit, worrying that the added commotion would be to much...and such...I knew immediately that there was NO saying NO.  She knows that I will tell her kids to be quiet.  Just like I hope and pray she would do the same to mine. And they wouldn't bother me.

Thank You S* for being such a wonderful friend.  For loving on my family and I this weekend.  For stepping up into the places that I physically can't for my children and making their birthdays something to remember.

I love you more than you could ever know!!

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Sheri said...

You mean more to me than I can ever put into words. Having your friendship blessed me. <3