Friday, August 17, 2012

The week has been long...

....and depressing.
....and longer.
....and more depressing.

On Monday I had an appointment with my OT.  She did an IFC treatment, again.  After the OT appointment I saw my chiropractor who did some deep massage into some of the areas of my neck that were swollen and very tight.  From there I had a therapy appointment.

About half way into that appointment I started to feel really horrible.  As in, nauseated the pain was so incredible intense.  I came home and took some of the pain medication.  And then...some more.  And then...some more.  By 10-10:30pm (shortly after I wrote the last post) I was in pure panic mode.  The pain was horrible.  Worse than the week after I had my surgery.  My husband insisted we head to the ER. I insisted on staying home.  He called my surgeon.

My surgeon thought that OT was to much and wanted me to end it.  And so I have. I won't be returning until the 26 or 27th when I see my surgeon next.

This week has been horrible.  As in absolutely horrific.  I've not been able to get a hold of the pain. I've spent most of my days in tears.  I leave the house only to go to the chiropractor and a massage.  The 24 hours after my massage were pretty good but not nearly as good as last week.  I've had muscle spasms, ran low grade fevers (in my arm and entire body), and just plain had no gumption to do anything. At all but cry.  I'm not sleeping, again.  I had gotten to a '2-2.5 hr at a time' spot with sleeping.  Not anymore. I'm back to 90 mins MAX at a time.  And pain meds...can't even go there.  I had cut back about half of what is prescribed. And after Monday have needed to go back up to the regular prescribed dose.  Which brings with it an entirely new realm of emotions = depression.

I'm in a not so good space.  I've lost my optimism.  Last week I found myself in this spot for one or two days.  With sporadic spots during the other days.  This week it has been!

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