Monday, August 13, 2012

Pain Control

It's probably crazy that I'm typing this.  One handed it is.  I know I did to much this weekend. I also know, that I did not lift anything. I have not been lifting anything.  I want to document this in 'hopes' that I can look back in a few weeks and see how far I've come in my post op recovery.

I had Physical therapy, chiropractor, and a therapy appointment today.  All back-to-back.  I thought I was doing okay on the pain level until about half way into my therapy appointment.  When the pain hit it hit hard.  That was around 4:30pm.  It is now nearly 10:30pm.  I've spent a large portion of the last 2.5 hours in tears. I've taken the maximum (and then some) amount of pain meds that I can take.  My husband is upset that I'm 'on the computer...' he thinks..."you need to sit and relax and not be on the computer...."  When I did that the pain was even more unbearable.  Being on the computer, I'm able to keep mind off the pain for the most part.

The pain has been intense and I've not been able to get on top of the pain. I can't seem to keep the tears at bay.

I believe the physical therapy appointment is a huge culprit in this spurt of uncontrollable pain.  This happened on Thursday, too.  I was feeling 'pretty good' and then the IFC and Ice Treatment didn't go very well.

I'm thinking we will revisit the IFC treatments for sure!!

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