Saturday, July 30, 2011

Taking care of Me!

Nobody else can take care of your own mental health than yourself.

I will admit that I am horrible about doing this.  As it shows in so many areas of my life.  My own emotional well being is one of them.

This week I have choosen to do one thing that says to me...I am taking of me.

Setting bondries with a specific friend of mine.  She has been my bff for many years.  However, she over stepped bounds when she spoke of having a uti infection bc of having an affair.  In front of my children. And the other person happens to be nymph husbands brother.

There are other issues and I personally can't put myself in her company right now.  It isn't healthy for me. 

Another thing I did this week to take care of Me! Was not go to a baseball game I had committed and bought tickets for.  My husband tool my nephew.  I went home from work and sat in a dark and quiet house for 3 hours.  Chatting online with someone very dear to my heart.  There is a 6 hour driving distance between the two of us.  I am certain there will be a weekend in my near future where there will only he 5 ft between us.....bc...well just because!!  Somehow, I will find a way to end that gap for a day.  Because I know WE BOTH need to take dare of ourselves and love on each other in person.

How are you takings care of you?

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