Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mental Health Day

I called in sick today.  Ive been struggling with an ankle issue for quite a few weeks.  After a long night of tears and insomnia I went to get out of bed at 430am to shower for work.  There was no standing up.   At that moment I decided I was physically and emotionally exhausted and needed to call in sick.

There was no worrying about the day being with out pay or substitution of one of my few days of floating holiday. 

I did the politically correct thing and made a Dr appt to have my ankle checked out.

What I know is.....I needed a mental health day.  To lay in bed till 9am next to my dh.  To do just do more than hold it together for the sake of being able to work.

My therapist would may very well disagree and believe going to work was what I truly need to do because that is the functional thing to do.  Although, I am certain she is partially correct.  I know I am physically and mentally close to exhaustion and when that collapse comes...I will very down for more than just a day.

So for today I will have my ankle checked out.  (More on that in another post.  I have been getting weekly massages and discussed with H what her thoughts are.)


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