Friday, January 31, 2014

No Title Needed...

This picture says it all. There is no title needed. No explanation. Nothing. It says it all in one sentence. 

Times are rough all over. We all wade in and out of crap. Some piled higher than others. 

Time and time again I've seen the depths of friendships come and go. And some be gone forever.  Some hanging on by a thread. 

Over the last 8 years my ability to trust in true friendships has become less and less. I know we all have seasons in our lives that change. And with that the change in friendships wax and wane. 

Today I found myself in a spiral of trying to make sense of it all. Struggling with the fight or flight mantra. Knowing and believing vs push and run/fight or flight. 

For today...I am trying like hell to not push the one person who hasn't turned a blind eye. Who when things get tough and they are extremely tough right now...continues to not give up and not let me push her away.

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