Saturday, February 15, 2014

February Starts of with a Bang.....

Ready for January to leave February started off with a bang. 

For ever and a day, I've dealt with a work comp shoulder injury. They have bullied and harassed and done things that were unethical since day one.

So when I was denied a week before my surgery, even though it was a devastating blow, it wasn't something that surprised me. The surprise came with the blatant errors all over the Third Party Medical examiners report. A dr who had never seen me. It was somewhat humorous to read the blatant errors. 

We met with an attorney a week ago. He has let them know he has been retained and will be representing me. And that this claim constitutes a bad faith claim on top of a bunch if other crap. 

Surgery was February 10.  By all accounts went well. As I type this i LAYING in BED!!!!!  Something I didn't do for 4-6 weeks previously. I wasn't very moble. And definitely didn't lay in bed. For most part I am able to dress myself. Been able to cut back on pain meds to every 6-12 hours. 

The weekend proved to be rough. Should have probably went to ER on Thursday evening. However held off. I was doing a little better on Friday am. My husband called my PCP office. When they called back they sent me straight to ER. Concern was I had a bowel obstruction. After CT scan ruled that out I was sent home. 

Few hours after coming home I woke up with 'new' symptoms on Saturday. Sunday morning the on-call staff informed my husband based on symptoms I should go back to the ER. Pissy and mad as ever I agreed. Several hours later left with no answers. And the answer I did get was on my own. 

It isn't confirmed. However, my gut feeling (literally and figuratively) says that something I have been given med wise contained gluten. The reactions I get with gluten vary. And GI upset is very specific. And usually short lived. However, given the amount of medication I have had and the different brands/prescriptions it is likely the culprit. 

Tomorrow morning my husband will have surgery. I hope and pray it will be minor and a quick in/out and back to everyday activities within a day or so. He won't know until after his surgery is over. 

Today has been better for most part. However, the events of last week or two have caught up with mood...and all that other crap.  Trying hard to not let it take over. It is much easier said than done. 

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