Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sun Comes Up...

Whether I like it or not...

The sun comes up every day.  I stood along the shore in Melbourne, Fl  nearly 2 weeks ago and watched this sunrise over the shore.  My heart filled with so many different emotions.

I did not want to get up that morning.  Getting up meant being up earlier than my work days.  I had slept all of abt 4-6 hours in a 48 hour time frame.  And I didn't want to move.

I had 3 other moms relying on me.  They were riding with me.  Since I am the driver of the rental car...I needed to take them.

Things such as 'it is just a sunrise....we all have seen the sun....' same out of lips as I rolled out of bed.  Cursing the sun for rising.

Little did I know the profound effect that morning would have on my heart.

It was cold.  Very cold...38 degrees cold.  I flew from the Frozen Tundra...not to freeze my ass off at 530am....but I did it. 

I am glad I did.

As I looked into the lens of my camera heart sank at the endless beauty.

And as I stood on that bitted cold shore the we hours of the morning of March 7....I was reminded that one more day..The Sun did Rise!!


Diana said...

And you got up when I slept in. Thanks for taking such an awesome picture!

Martha Stewart Doesnt Live Here said...

Beautiful pic... a little gentle reminder from mother nature ;)

Carolyn Coppola said...