Sunday, January 6, 2013

Can I?

This morning while sitting in church I came across the picture below on pinterest.

At that moment the weight came crushing down. Fighting back tears as I sat there waiting for the last hymn to end.

Can I REALLY do this? 

I keep being told "you are not need to use the tools you have been given over the have been 'here' before...and so much more."

I am alone.
Sure there are others who get this. 
I am here. Right here. Doing this alone. 
I have pulled out nearly every tool I have. 
I have picked myself up off the floor and participated in life.
Because that is what the tools insist on doing.
And here I sit.
In my car.

I'm signing off for now.,
Could be the day, a week, a month...

I don't know. 

1 comment:

Judy Susan said...

Remember.. we refuse to sink! You are not alone.. we will take the venture together.. heart in heart.. coaching each other.. pushing each other.. and moving this train forward..

and I hate captcha.. no I really hate it.. I have a hard time seeing them. .so if I don't comment it's cause I've tried a couple times to do the word verification.. and just gave up.. I'll comment on fb..