Monday, March 17, 2014

5 Weeks Later....

Today marks 5 weeks since I had a revision shoulder surgery.  Going into the surgery there was a ton of anxiety and uncertain thoughts of "am I doing the right thing...?"  And with out of a shadow of a doubt I know I did. By all means the surgery has been a success.  I've received much better medical care.  And have had very little contact post op w/my surgeon.  I've had no reason for that contact.  That's a good thing.

The constant pain I had in 2 different spots of my shoulder went away immediately after my surgery.  I've had 1-2 days in the last 4 weeks where that pain has returned.  Otherwise, it has been nothing.

Next week I will call my surgeon and let him know that my right shoulder isn't any better than it was preop.  And as long as I don't "use it".  As in "don't do any overhead work" is okay.  It is hard to say regarding lifting because I've been pretty limited with what I 'should' be doing.

The plan of action is I will have another injection under xray and follow up on the right at my next post op appointment.  And at that time he would decide what to do.

I'm still looking at 3-5 months before returning back to work.  If my surgeon chooses to operate on my right shoulder than a minimum of 4 months after that surgery is done.  I've got mixed feelings about having it done.
Time will tell....

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